May 23, 2010

Sweet Sunday

Oh Sunday, how I love you. Since I work all Saturday, Sunday is the start of my weekend. I wake up super early to play on the computer and run errands; I'm like a little kid who struggles to get to school at 8am but then darts out of bed at 6am Saturday to watch cartoons.
After checking the weather forecast I decided that today would be great for gardening! Hopefully I'll be able to dig out some more space and get my cucumbers and radishes in the ground today! The image at the top of the page is my attempt at drawing up a garden layout. The circles represent marigolds and the rounded squares are predicted planting spots.
What do you think? Does it need some work?

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customdesigns4ubynan said...

oh gee I wish I had a garden. I used to, long time ago...are youfamiliar with companion gardening? You may want to double check your placements to make sure the vegies will enhance each other, and not compete with each. You can find books in your library about what to plant with what for optimal harvest. Like, tomatoes and dill do not like to be together, and I see they are separate, but the peas I think should be with the lettuce etc. I may be wrong, but pls check it out first, and I hope you have a wonderful fruitful harvest!