May 16, 2010

Buddy Time

My buddy Chad came to visit the other day! I haven't seen this guy in YEARS! Five years, to be exact. We parted ways in Kansas City; he moved to central Missouri and I moved to Florida. This past month, he decided to take some long over-due vacation time and bounced between Tennessee and Sarasota. From Sarasota he came south a bit to see me on Thursday! It was great seeing him, but sad that his visit was so short.
Well, fantastic news - he's coming back down again today! Can't wait to see him (again!)

I spent the morning working in my garden, trying to dig out some more space and drawing up plans for various seedling areas. It's a bit frustrating, because I'm dealing with existing crops that may or may not be companion plants with the seedlings. For instance, the dill can go next to the corn, onion, and cucumbers, but needs to stay away from the carrots and tomatoes.
Fingers crossed I get it right!

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