May 19, 2010

Its a trip

My buddy came back and we spent a funtastic day at the beach before the clouds rolled in. The evening was warm and perfect for a meal and drink outdoors with friends and family. Unfortunately, he had to make the long drive back to Missouri and left yesterday morning. I miss him already!I went back to my garden and dug out some more space; planted some more peppers and lettuce. My garden plot is starting to look like a garden! The next step will be transplanting the cucumbers, dill, and radishes. yes, I know I should've just started the radishes in the ground to begin with, but I have a fear of seeding directly in the garden still. Especially when I'm unfamiliar with what the seedlings look like in the first place. What if I accidentally left weeds growing for weeks, thinking they were radishes? That would be a nightmare!

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