May 5, 2008

Back to Key Largo

So we went down to Key Largo this weekend for the MS-150 race. Tom and Chris and Chris were riding along with the rest of Team Shift for Brains. Allen and I arrived late. We didn't take the turnpike because we were strapped for cash and taking I-95 south turned out to be dangerous and time consuming. By the time we hit the overseas highway they were already stopping traffic for the riders so it was a slow crawl the last 30 miles. When we finally arrived all but two of the riders on the team had made it in so we got some grub and drank some drinks and chatted and set up camp.
Once everyone was gathered and showered we headed out to the nearest restaurant for some fine dining. Ever see a pig fly?

After dinner we headed back down to the beach party where the beer truck was ready and waiting. Much consuming was had by all until we all pooped out and headed for bed.
In the morning, after the riders had headed back to Miami, Allen and I walked up to the beach again and were greeted by little sandpipers having a morning snack.After that we were back on the road. This time we took the turnpike.


Rosebud Collection said...

Sounds like a fun time..Love the pictures and the sandpiper is so sweet..

ABreathOfFrenchAir said...

Sounds like you had a great time...and I've never seen a pig fly before! LOL!