May 14, 2008


I am DONE with my wholesale order. 17 awesome little watermelon sandals have left my store! Now I can work on a new card case for me! (Or I suppose I could work on those other 4 pairs of sandals that are still on the bench.)
Things to do, things to do....
1. black lizard print sandals
2. pink sandals
3. brown gator print leather-sole w/heel
4. Beige and snake
5. Post Office
6.vacuum mi casa
7. scrub floors

'Eh, I'm getting tired just writing out the list.

In other cool news, I signed up for a page of the 2009 Diary project by Fantazya!
Each page is assigned to a different artist. There's still some spots open if you want to take part! Now where's my sketchbook?....


Anonymous said...

Oh my . . . how was it making all those sandals? I can feel your sigh of relief on the back of my neck. LoL

But congratulations on such a great custom order. Your sandals are so nice :)

mary jane said...

those sandels are SO great!
mary jane

ErinT Fashion Accessories said...

Those watermelon sandals are so cute!

Starmek said...

i love those sandals,so cuteeeeeeee

Rachel said...

mmm this makes me want watermelon right NOW!