May 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

As we get older, certain mannerisms and characteristics begin to emerge in each of us; planted there, long ago, by our parents. I'll catch myself laughing like my mother. Throwing a fit like my father. Certain sayings that used to annoy me as a child fall out of my mouth in conversation. I'm curious as to how many of these traits were shared by my grandparents and great-grandparents and so on.
Which one of my relatives first coined the phrase, "Have a good one"?
Which ancestor of mine first decide he needed undivided attention all the time?
But I'm glad to have these quirks. Some of them are good. I can't imagine being me without them anymore.
Happy birthday, dad!


Christa said...

Thoughts to ponder for sure! As I get I older, I find I'm more like my parents....the old saying...Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, I am my Mother After All.

Happy Birthday to Your Dad!

Chloe Rose

Beat Black said...

awwww, i found myself turning into my parents recently but I never wondered about which traits come from my grandparents. what an interesting thing to think about.