May 12, 2008

Next Day

So, the Day of Mothers was yesterday. I had requested to work at the second job because I heard we would be busy, but unfortunately, we weren't as busy as management had hoped and were over-staffed. I ended up coming home slightly early and taking a nap before going out with mom. And guess what mom wanted to do? Bowling!

Allen and I used to go bowling every week, but years have passed since then so we were not on our top game. And the bowling alley had these strange-looking triangle-shaped keyboards to program your lane; very much unlike anything we had ever used before.
I can tell I'm going to be a crotchety old lady someday who constantly reminisces about the way things were.


BabyLyons said...

lol, i'll be the same way too, i'm 22 and barely listen to new music, but always listen to stuff from the 90s and older, then complain about hows there's rarely any good new music...i guess i'm already there, lol

earmark said...

crochety... ha ha... me too!

bowling though, how fun, what a great fun way to spend mothers day! love your blog!

Starmek said...

haha,same here ,i am a singer and these days i rarely sing