Jun 13, 2008

Troubles and Adventure

Well, yesterday was another one of those days.
First, my new camera, the Nikon Coolpix, wouldn't upload any photos. I've been having a little trouble this past week getting the USB connector to actually connect and it finally refused. My only other hope was to find my card reader that we used with an older camera but couldn't find it. Suggestions were made that I go buy a new cable - which may fix the problem, but I shouldn't have, to! We just bought this camera! But if I were to try to get a new cable via the warranty I bet they'd want me to ship the whole camera off somewhere for weeks at a time while I sit around with no camera at all.

So, I figured I would try to get some cleaning done and.... discovered the water was out. So I go to check the mail before running errands and when I try to gently hang up my keys my mirror/keyholder falls down and smashes the switchplate under it.

I add switchplate to the list of things I need to buy during my errands and start walking out the door with my packages I needed to mail. My mother is dog-sitting and as I'm stepping outside the dog bolts out the door. Figuring she must really have to go potty, I let her sniff around the yard. Then she bolts out the gate and I spent the next 20 minutes chasing and screaming at this monster until she finally runs back to the house.

Finally I get on the road.

At least one good thing came of yesterday:

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