Jun 17, 2008

Why always at the PO?

So today Allen and I stopped by the Post Office on our way home to pick up a package that we missed the day before. We're waiting patiently in the Long line as a woman next to us jabbers on and on into her cell phone in both a combination of english and some other language (arabic?). I was thinking about how much I'd like to be fluent in another language to the point where I could carry on a conversation in both languages flawlessly like that.
But, to my point -

As we move up in line the woman in front of Cell Phone Talker turns and says, "you shouldn't use another language to talk about other people. I heard and understood everything you said and it was very rude. You should look at yourself!"
CPT simply says, "I don't care," and they proceed to bicker back in forth in whatever language it was. The lady in line behind me says "that bitch is going to get her ass whooped in the parking lot," and I start to giggle.
Why is there always some sort of ordeal every time I go to the Post Office?
CPT was with her young daughter in line and I hope that she took away a lesson in why you shouldn't badmouth and gossip about others.

In other, non- post office related news, I'm almost done with my new shelf. It was a raw wood color and I painted it up pretty:


AprilDawn said...

Too funny about the PO.... tsk tsk!

I love that shelf and the colour!!!!

brightonEarly said...

Don't you just love the PO crazies?