Feb 4, 2008

Clean Yourself!

Today I am promoting good hygiene! As much as I would LOVE to shop on Etsy, I haven't been much of a buyer. But one store I can't stay away from is SandyCreekSoap!
When I first found this shop Allen and I had just moved into our new house and I wanted a little something fancy for the new bathroom. The caramel vanilla soap was the first to draw me in!

Along with that the Green Tea soap caught my eye as a gift for my mother. Once I realized the lower prices compared to other handmade soap shops, it was a done deal!
About a week went by and my soaps were in my hands! With free gifts! I opened my pretty packaging to reveal the most delicious-looking soap! Once I got the chance to use it, I was even more impressed! The lather was very full and the scent became stronger with each use!

Since then, I've been hooked. I had to buy at least three more soaps for myself and one for each of my sisters. And SandyCreekSoap is all-natural, so I even bought a bar for my incredibly picky father, who wouldn't touch a preservative with a thirty-foot-pole and medical gloves.
They carry more than bar soap! Salt scrubs, tonics, even flea spray!
I'm almost out! I'd better go check my PayPal account!

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Angie said...

that green tea soap looks SO good!