Feb 25, 2008

Time to heal

Oh, this past week has been horrible. Well, really just Wednesday through Saturday. This flu has been a rough trip. Too weak to even blog! Fever, chills, aches, coughing, sinus trouble, upset stomach.... what more could you ask for? And it's the worst when everyone in your house has the same flu, so there's no one around to pamper you.
But all this time spent at home has allowed me to find some new Etsy favorites!
Here's an awesome change purse by zomb!
He's adorable! And he'll eat your stuff!
Just looking at this little guy makes me feel better. Hopefully I'll scrape myself off the computer, go into the store to gather packages (and make something, if I'm lucky), head to the Post Office, and then into a short shift at my night job.
All in all, a productive day. Compared to the lousy past few days, anyway.

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