Feb 15, 2008

I Had a Disturbing Dream

I always have disturbing dreams. Actually last night's slumber stories are completely mild compared with the night before, but I won't scare you...

My apologies for the lack of details and clarity, but it's always a little fuzzy after I wake up.
I mostly remember the boats in the water; bobbing and throwing and thrashing around so much that I was having almost no success at trying to tie it down and climb in. They were small, like canoes. Very similar to my father's old poke boats. Eventually I parked my "boat" and was encouraging others to join me in my attempt to re-build a society we could live in. (I can only fault my father with this one, who gave me As The World Burns by Derrick Jensen).

The dream ended rather abruptly as I passed a family walking through the flooded streets. There were several children kicking up puddles as we passed by and I was horrified as I looked back and saw that each of the children had two complete faces; one on each side of their head. The faces that wasn't being used didn't appear to work properly and their mouths had been stuffed with rolls of coins.

So..... weird, huh?

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jewelstreet said...

You scare me. Now I'm going to have nightmares. lol.