Feb 29, 2008

Holy awesome rings, Batman!

Last night Allen and I logged onto Etsy and there, on the front page, in the recently listed items, were these beautiful rings:

Aren't they gorgeous? I've seen anything like these before! They're made by an Etsy shop called ZulaSurfing! The colors of the natural gems and stone are so eye-catching and mesmerizing! I can't wait to own one of these!
Also, since I've still had the last bits of flu, I decided to make a Myspace for Etrelle's. And I did. It's right here. I'm really impressed with the layout; I was just hoping the colors came out right. Now we're just trying to build up the friends. Please feel free to add us!

1 comment:

Little Lovables said...

wow, these are amazing! they'd really serve a fist of hurt too if you had to punch someone out.