Feb 20, 2008

The Simpsons

After 18 years I am still in love with this show. Actually, it's been longer since I remember seeing them on the Tracy Ullman show way back when. I remember being Bart's age and watching the episode where he was going to fail his test and have to repeat the fourth grade - but at the last moment he wowed Ms. Krabappel with a tiny bit of trivia about George Washington and passed with a D-.
How can this show keep me mesmerized and watching, from elementary school through adulthood? Maybe it's all those jokes.

Ralph Wiggum: " Your toys are fun to touch. Mine are all sticky."
Also Ralph: "Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!"
Also Ralph (to old people): "You're wrinkling. Somebody should iron you!"

Last night for movie night we watched the movie (which I had seen before with Allen) but even repeats can make me smile. Matt Groening, you have done a fine job, sir.
And I miss Futurama. That show was fabulous and if you don't think it's funny you should remove the wadded up balls of dirty socks from your head and replace them with a brain that understands satire...Spider Pig, Spider Pig..... Does whatever a spider pig does!

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