Mar 2, 2008

Sickness thoughts

Why, oh, why can't I get past this coughing / choking / full of mucus stage of the flu? I've done little more than cough for three days now and it feels as though someone's been punching me in the stomach repeatedly. I have been getting better, and the coughing has gotten less frequent, but it still hits violently when it comes.
Which is exactly why I can't go into my night job. It's a restaurant. "Welcome to ____! Would you like a fever with your meal?"
Plus, when I'm sick, I get pissy. So things I could easily laugh off or give the "customer service white lies" turn into bitter exchanges. Example: customer asks "how are you today?" Non-sick me would have responded, "very good, thank you." despite my actual mood. Sick me responds, "I'm very miserable, how are you?"
And, as an interesting side note, (I love playing with the human condition) I've noticed there are two responses I get here. The first would be complete ignorance. The person asking me how my day wasn't genuinely interested and doesn't even listen to my response. The second is the person who is TOO interested, and begins to interrogate me on my condition, why I am unhappy and what can be done to fix such things.
If there's a middle ground I haven't seen it yet.Well, back to the grindstone. I need to get something accomplished today, the first of which will be to try and get some food into my stomach. I think an ice cream sandwich is in order...

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