Feb 4, 2009

Birthdays Cuffs and Blogs

Today is my friend's birthday! I think.
I asked my sister when it was and she said tomorrow so it must be today.
It's one of my sister's ex boyfriends from way back. She knew his birthday. He told me a just a few years ago that he tracked down his birth certificate and discovered his actual birth date is the day before he always celebrated.
So..... I think his birthday is today.
But if I'm wrong and I call him up to wish him well, he'll say, "You forgot my birthday again."

In OTHER friend news:
Today I read an interview with my friend and Etsy-shop-owner Bicycleocean!It's an EXCELLENT interview! Click HERE to read it. Or on the Jackie-O Bunny picture above.

AND I made a bunch more cuffs. I really cannot make myself halt the creative process - even when I'm running out of storage room due to slow sales. I made about five different items yesterday and if I go into the shop today I'll make another 5. Really, I should stay in and list, but we'll see how the day goes....

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Anonymous said...

Love the interview too! Lovely cuffs.. love the Bright and Pink Leather Cuff in your shop. Have a lovely merry day!

PamperingBeki said...

That music themed cuff is super cute!