Feb 23, 2009

who watches...

....the Watchmen?
I am so happy this is finally coming to the big screen! It's been months of nervous hand-wringing and waiting, since the preview came out alongside the Dark Knight movie last fall. This looks to be quite possibly the best comic-turned-movie ever! My favorite thing about it is that what you see is taken straight from panels in the book.
Like this scene, where the comedian gets thrown out a window:Here's one with Archie (the flying ship), Nite Owl, and the Comedian:
And this one, with Ozymandias in front of his fortress televisions:
John's reappearance as Dr. Manhattan (in the cafeteria):
And Dr. Manhattan's glass structure he builds on Mars:
The Comedian (seen here, in a flashback from Vietnam) was one thing I was worried about. Someone so vile had to be true to character, and they really nailed him:If you like gore and action and superheroes with huge gaping flaws, you MUST see this movie!
And by all means, go out and buy the book, too!


Thats Pretty said...

I've been watching the moving comics in anticipation! I'm hoping it will be fantastic...

SleightGirl said...

I know my boyfriend is just going to love it!