Feb 8, 2009

work work work

Ah, my time at the night job is over again....
I've only been working Thursday, Friday and Saturday lately so all week long I enjoy extra time to work with leather and then suck it up for three rounds of customer service.
I'm grateful for three things:
1) I'm not a server. 2) I have the pleasure of working with interesting and pleasant co-workers, whom I actually look forward to seeing. 3) This is a night job and therefore, I'm not entirely dependent on it. So if, say, someone who has treated me poorly, I have no fear of job-loss to hold back my tongue.
Most of my job involves repetitive squawking and saying, "How many in your party? Would you like a booster seat? Why, I'd love to bring you a re-fill," which only holds so much in entertainment value. So most of my hours are spent trying to find new and inventive ways to amuse myself. This can range from playing with toys children leave behind (thank you, tiny crossbow!), drawing comic strips based on unpleasant guests, and tormenting my co-workers. I occasionally get bored enough to harass the guests, but usually in a good natured way and rarely in anything that involves chucking plastic lids at their head in a miniature frisbee game that they may not be aware they're involved in.
If nothing else, my job is fun. Not the actual motions of the job, but all the things in between. I've always been interested in psychology and let me tell you, there is no better place to view the variations of society en mass than at a restaurant.


fookaDESIGNS said...

It's nice to have a job you don't mind going to and you enjoy the people you work with. Oh I dream of the day I can work in my studio more days of the week than I go to my "real" job! LOL

Walk in the Woods said...

All I can say is ... bless your heart. :)

Audrey said...

At least it's only on the weekend - and you do enjoy it most of the time. I know people who work 8 hours a day 5 days a week and hate their job. I drive a school bus and I'm lucky enough to love my job!!

Creative Coquette said...

Dang, now I really need to have a hot fudge sundae....I'm not kidding either. I'll be at Ruby's tomorrow eating one in the cold, lol.

Anything But Wind Chimes said...

that's awesome you enjoy your job. I pretend to enjoy my job at work but i'm really dying inside.
wow. that sounded really emo.