Feb 18, 2009

Etsy Buddies

My best friend is going on a trip to Thailand! It's going to be very exciting and because of this, she's selling all her artwork in her shop, Bicycleocean at LOW LOW prices!
Before she goes, she'll be making more squids and chewbaccas, so continue to check out her shop for new unique polymer creatures!

She's accepting offers at this time, so if you see a painting you like and want to strike a deal, just sent her a convo!
Tattooed Eloise - $8.50

Where the Katamaris Hide - REDUCED at $15.00!


memoriesforlifescrapbooks said...

Wow Thailand...and a sale...cool!

Hyla said...

Love the first ppiece!

Fatally Cute said...

Those squids are sweet!

Angie said...

Just have to say that I am in love with your fishy thing you have on your side bar...how fun!

Piggy said...

Very cute items! I hope she has fun in Thailand :) There are lots to buy.. but be prepare for the hot weather! :)