Feb 26, 2009

I'm a bit off...

I've had an interesting week, filled with surprising news, disappointing news, strange news, and all-around weirdness. I'm suspecting there's something in the water or a full moon about, except that I don't seem to be affected by it.
Most of this weirdness is tied up in the personal matters of my loved ones, so I won't be able to elaborate, which is unfortunate, since it'd be quite a story and I'm sure you'd enjoy reading it. I'll have to write a book about it someday. At least then I'll be shielded from any repercussions by my wads of money and royalties.

However, I will share my favorite stupid question, brought to me by (more than one!) customers who invaded the sandwich shop I managed in my youth:

Me: Would you like a six-inch or a footlong sub?

Them: How big is a footlong?


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designsbyone said...

lol! love the question...