Apr 1, 2008

April Fool

Nobody's nice to the All Fools Day babies. It's enough to make me wish I were a better prankster. But no, I'm the type to let out a knowing giggle right before you drink your soda spiked with pickle juice... I've never been good at pulling pranks, pulling one over, or pulling the wool over someone's eyes. I'd like to think it's my good nature but most likely it's just my follow-through.
I'm feeling a bit down today. It started last night as I came home from work.
Having a usually sunny disposition, it's always a very weird feeling when my mood turns stinko. I try to over-rationalize the things that are bothering me and that never makes anything better. Yesterday evening I was determined to let it ruin my night, bought a six pack on my way home and planned on drinking through tears by myself. Luckily Allen saved my night with conversation, warmth, and a gift and we both stayed up until 3am (the exact time I was born).
Despite the rain (it always always rains on my birthday- April showers, you know?) and my pissy attitude I still have a lot to look forward to today. I get to go into the shop and finish a couple sandals. Maybe even work on something for me. Later tonight we'll be doing our weekly outing of movie night! I'm not sure what the feature will be but it always promises a good time.
And I'm certain the clouds will lift. The real ones and the metaphorical ones.


ChristopherAndTia said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !

xx Tia

Sleepless Stitch said...

Happy Birthday! Hope your day gets brighter for you. :)

snowy652 said...

happy happy happy birthday