Apr 14, 2008

Back from Orlando

It was a great trip!
Allen and I had a lot of fun running around and seeing the sights. Unfortunately the weather let us down again. It was supposed to be mildly chilly with a 20% chance of rain. Instead it was very chilly and rained almost the entire day, making the cold seem colder. And I'm not paying $7 for a Disney poncho.
But other than the cruddy weather it was still magical and fun. Here's a couple pictures:This tree is extremely weird. I wish I could have taken some better pictures but the line was so thick if I stopped to fumble with my camera I would have held up everyone. Here's a closer look:The trunk was covered in thick, quarter sized thorns and the branches displayed large balls of (what appears to be) cotton. Does anyone know what this is?This sign was on every ride and it just cracked me up, picturing a real person doing the things shown in the "do not do" image. Hahahahahahaah!
I'll try to get some more up soon - maybe on my other blog: http://newfavoriteshow.blogspot.com

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