Apr 2, 2008

Morning After

So I'm 27. It's just like 26. Except older.
My birthday went well. I spent most of the morning goofing off online and opening presents from my family. I received the most awesome awesome wooden wall chicken (I have a thing for chickens) and a multi-eyelet kit (for leather), AND a huge box with polymer clay goodies. Beads will be a-happening around here for a bit. With my new bead rollers and baking rack I will be entertained for hours! The beads pictured are in my other Etsy shop Blenderbach. The eyelet kit is interesting as well. It comes with three different sized eyelets in a myriad of colors and a gun. It claims that it can be used on leather, cd's, paper, vinyl, and "everything" so we'll see how it goes.After all the goofing off I went into the store for a bit to finish up two pairs of purse scrap sandals. But not before picking up some Sal's pizza on the way. Sal's may replace Cardello's in my pizza-love, but really only because it's closer than Cardello's with it's greasy pizza goodness.
Once my birthday lunch was devoured I worked on a custom pair of sandals for an online customer. I should have them finished by today (hooray!) and once they're complete I'll need to get started on two more custom orders and than some more purse scrap sandal orders (which i hate doing - they're so repetitive).
Once that was over Allen and I headed to movie night with our laminating machine and bullhorn (supplies for the AlleyCat race on Saturday). The feature of the evening was Motel Hell, which looked promising and was entertaining for the first 40 minutes until the VHS tape crapped out on us. So we had to resort to another episode of our short, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.


C&T, dynamite. said...

Are those neon colored beads I see?! I do love me some neon!

xx Tia

Rosebud Collection said...

The beads are so cute..Happy Birthday..pizza really sounded good..

UniqueNurseGranny said...

Sounds like a good birthday.I may be slow but where did the beads come from.I think you made them?Like them.

Miss V said...

Happy Birthday!! Have fun with your wall chicken!

J. Mundo Designs said...

Happy belated Birthday! You should post a pic of the Chicken on the Wall!

Noelle Doodle said...

too bad about motel hell. it looks pretty good/bad.