Apr 10, 2008

New Cuffs New Leather Things

My newest cuff is so cute. Well, cute in an icky way.
I have an old Dutch cookbook with all sorts of weird and gross food pictures that I adore. So I laminated this one and added a zipper for a wrist-wallet.
It's durable and the suede side of the leather is inside so you get a soft cushioned leather against your delicate wrist. I always line my cuffs (except Allen's tooled ones) so you don't have the rough underside against your arm. It just makes more sense to me . Especially when there's extra stitching. Who wants rug burn from your wrist cuff?
I made one for myself the other day for my night job at Friday's. I thought it would be nice to be able to have my change close for to-go orders. That way I wouldn't have to go running to my purse or walking around jingling all night with it in my pockets. Mine looks really cool. (Above)I really really like my laminated cuffs. I can't stop making these pretty things. Well, I couldn't stop, but the machine did :( - I need to buy some epoxy to fix a busted piece in it today.

All my laminations warm my heart, even the ones I add to my Buddy Bags. It makes them all... well, unique. Especially since I never use the same thing twice. And they're all vintage ephemera (cookbooks, illustrations, National Geographic pictures and ads).Come see! They're super cool.


marin said...

I'm so in love with wrist decorating!! my blog today was on wrist warmers!
the duck ones are great!! :)

Christopher And Tia said...

Those turned out so great! My friend made me a similar style cuff years ago with my favorite band on it. I must have lost it because I haven't seen it in forever. I should get a new one.

xx Tia

Lani Robertson said...

I just love the yellow and green cuff...my favorite colors! :0

Precious Memories. Always Remember. said...

omg! I love your wrist warmers!! I never thought about those before! They are too cute, I especially love the zippered pockets!