Apr 23, 2008

Camera Troubles

My damn camera bit the dust. I took it out to a friend's party and someone (maybe me) must have sat on it and now the lens won't focus. At all. It's completely frustrating because whenever I have camera troubles is usually the same time I have a TON of things to list for sale online. Stupid Murphy and his law.So now I need to search for a new one. A better one! I've already tossed the ads from Sunday's paper so if I want to see what's online I'll have to scour internet ads. Really I just a camera that will not only take excellent pictures but also will be durable enough to last me a few years. I'm not that rough on my electronics, but apparently all it took was a couple beers and a misplaced camera case to destroy the last one.Now this camera would be the ultimate in cool - a waterproof camera! I would LOVE to be able to get some great underwater scenes. Living so close to the beach it seems like a tease. I guess the only plus side to this circumstance is that the camera we payed over $350 for two years ago is roughly $150 now - so basically I can get the same quality camera for less. But who wants that when I can get a newer camera? One with higher resolution and better, more awesome features?
No matter what I choose, it'll have to be soon. I feel suffocated without my camera. I'd rather spend a week with no cell phone than no camera! But then, I never liked cell phones anyways....

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