Apr 29, 2008

It's About That Time

Time to go into work.
And I call it work today because I have to be on the counter helping customers instead of spending my valuable time making delightful leather goodies. And I use the term "helping customers" loosely since nine times out of ten the person will come straight to the counter and point at my father or Francisco and say "I' need to talk to him". Even if I manage to convince them that I am fully capable of answering their questions I'll still have to verify when things can be finished and how much to charge, which means I constantly have to pull him from his work anyways.It's a hassle. Can you tell I'm not a people person?
Anyways the reason for all this non-fun-time is today is my mother's birthday! (Happy Birthday Mom!) So as much as I can't stand the notion of not getting my work done I'll put up with it for today.
Tomorrow, however, is a different story.
Alright, I'd better get going so I can grab a coffee from Dunkin Donuts on my way!


The Stumbly Diva said...

No fun at the counter, but you're doing it for your mom. That's cool :-)

BabyLyons said...

I worked at Orange Julius and I totally understand where you're coming from about not really liking customers. It's hard to smile sometimes, especially when they TELL you to smile (I'm sorry, but I think it's creepy if someone is constantly smiling while they are working)....or come up and ask if we sell Orange Julius' here (okay, that one I had trouble not giggling at)...or when they think they get 3 drinks for the price of one b/c it's called a 3 Berry Blast and refuse to believe otherwise until the manager comes out and says the same exact thing you were saying.....I could go on

Parallax Photo said...

grr, customers! I hear you, I'm so glad I'm not working retail right now.