Apr 22, 2008

Fun for the feet

I've finally finished a great deal of my sandals! I had two large wholesale orders and now we're down to one. I'm very excited about this next one and I'm waiting on a bit of leather, but soon I'll be able to complete them as well. The two pictured here are individual custom orders that I finished a little while ago.Now I have five more individual pairs to make! It's hard to get anything else done between the sandals and more sandals but I couldn't be happier! How much more fun is this than working a 9-5? Tons, that's how much. I love being able to send my leather goodies all over the globe! AND I purchased some fabric labels yesterday. I'm so excited to see them I can't wait!!


Infinite Cosmos said...

wow! those shoes are so beautiful! I especially love the second pair. I am going to check out your shop right now :-)

BabyLyons said...

they look sooooo comfy!!!