Apr 25, 2008


You know those days? Well yesterday seemed to be one of those. Not the worst day ever. Just irritating.
It started out with me trying to figure out the new camera. I took a couple pics and only ended up getting one thing listed online. I went into the store and nothing I worked on was coming out right. Snaps were getting screwed up, stitching wasn't straight, customers were demanding blood....
I eventually gave up and decided to come home a little early to try and get some more listed. Editing the pictures took longer than I thought and only one more item was listed before I had to run into work (the night job).
So I get to the night job and we're slow. Really slow. The kid I'm working with asks if I want him to stay late for me (he was off at 9pm and I was supposed to be out by 11pm) and I agreed. I figured I wasn't making any money anyway and I could go home and clean the house for my mother who was to pick up my aunt at the airport at 10:30.
Well, right about 8:30 I figured I would ask the bosses if I could be let go, since we were so slow. That's apparently when everyone decided to come eat and a huge rush of people storms in the door! 9pm rolls by, then 9:30, then 10pm.... We're still busy. I looked at the kid who "took my shift" and thanked him, even though I was obviously going to have to stay anyways, due to the rush. I go to clean up some tables before I go and that's when it hits me.....
The smell of poo. I figured some baby must have left a big stinky scent behind, since the table I was cleaning had two babies, but as I walked through the restaurant I could smell poo everywhere! Then the kitchen staff comes out and says it smells in the back and asks the manager to check if the sewage is backing up.
Indeed it is. I walk outside to get some fresh air - BAD IDEA! The poo smell is magnified about 9 times! Well, that killed my appetite.
So I finally get off work and go home. It's about 11pm and I expect my mother to be coming back soon. Around 11:45 I call my mom to make sure everything's okay and she tells me she's in Miami! My aunt had gotten a mix-up in Chicago and her plane was landing at an airport 2 1/2 hours away. But they still had to come all the way back to our WPB airport for her luggage. Fantastic. Luckily my older sister was driving, and I went to bed.
My sister got pulled over for speeding on the way back. They didn't get home until between 2-3am.
Oh, and my mother lost the new camera we just bought two days ago.
So, that was my day. Normally I don't write out little diary entries for my blog but it was interesting enough (to me. who cares about you?) to put into writing.
Here's to today being brighter!


Mixed Species said...

WOW! Now THAT was a day. We gotta bookmark this page as a comparison for when we have one of "those" days!

snowy652 said...

what a yucky day! --- I hope today is a better day.

Blessings ~ Shell

Anonymous said...

I care about you, and that was a bad ay, I was fighting w/ my pc all day, but your bas day beats my aggravation all to heck

Dawtch said...

Ewwwwww...I have those days, unfortunately more frequently than most, I think. Beautiful work! I can't rescue you from no comment land, as obviously you're not stuck there :)

Parallax Photo said...

Hugs.... Had those days!