Apr 12, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho.....

It's off to Orlando we go!
Allen and I will be spending one and a half awesome days up north in a little town in the middle of Florida. I'm thinking of the times I flipped through my old encyclopedias and books on "places to visit" that were made before 1960. Orlando is always mentioned as a small agricultural town. Growing up with the Disney phenomenon only a few miles away it's difficult to think of a time when themed rides and grown men in costumes didn't exist.

So we'll be going to a park. We're not sure which one yet, but it will be something Disney. I'll bring back photos!
In the meantime, here's an awesome Buddy Bag to keep you from getting lonely:


Allison said...

ah I love Disney - enjoy yourself!

SecretSin said...

Last time I went to Disney World it was like that; all cold and wet. Yuck. Hope you had more fun than me ^-^


The Mommy and Me Boutique said...

Great fun; great pictures!