Mar 9, 2008

Bach's turn to Blog

My dog Bach has been bothering me all morning to blog about him. I can see it in his eyes. "You've blogged about the cat," he says. "When will it be my turn?"
Well, of course, I cannot deny my super best friend his time to shine. So I'll be showing off a couple items that I know Bach would deplete my PayPal account for, if only he had opposable thumbs to click the mouse.

I've found this great store on Etsy called Karriit82! She has all sorts of delightful, delicious looking dog treats! I'm pretty sure Bach would be all over those Lucky Pugs Peanut Butter Pastries!I also found another great shop called the Sandy Dog Bakery! They carry a great variety of all-natural dog goodies, from Pumpkin Dog Cookies to Spinach Cheese Balls! But I think Bach would be going wild for their Bark-B-Q Bones! Now if you'll excuse me, someone needs to go outside.....

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