Mar 8, 2008

Kicked Out!

I was actually sent home from work this morning. Granted, I'm probably still contagious and I had an allergic reaction to my antibiotics so I had to stop taking them, (and let's not forget the ever-present cough...) but still, why couldn't they have sent me home one of those days when I was pouring mucus from my eyeballs and couldn't breathe? Huh.
SO anyways, I'm trying to decide whether or not I should chance going back later tonight for a short shift. I really do need the money, but I also need to heal. Decisions, decisions.....

In the meantime, I've decided to give you another glance into my favorites on Etsy:
my aunt Dorothy!!
She has her own Etsy shop, OldGrandma, which hasn't picked up much wind lately. She's so far listed her handmade ornaments (I have a few of these for our tree). They're very beautiful and lightweight ornaments with a classic victorian feel.She makes these pretty little creations in her beautiful and scenic town of Mackinaw City, Michigan. Which reminds me.... I want some fudge.

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ThePeachTree said...

Hope you're feeling better!