Mar 5, 2008

Unrelated Crashes

I have had such a hard time with this flu. I tried to maintain a positive state of mind and continually affirming to myself that I was indeed healthy on Monday. I managed to stagger into my night job just to realize that my cough was not going to go away and my body was completely weak from my lack of appetite. They sent me home after two and half hours (I tried to make it through our rush) and I resolved myself to making the dreaded doctors appointment the next day. It's not that I have any sort of fear of doctors. I fear their bills. I don't have insurance and the last time I had to make an appointment out of the blue for some illness it cost me near $200, not including any prescriptions.

So, Tuesday afternoon rolls around, and my mother is kind enough to drive me to my appointment. At this point I still haven't been able to eat and my stomach feels like someone is punching their way out. The doctor was very nice, very quick, gave me two prescriptions and sends us on our way. I'm just relieved to have antibiotics and my only thoughts are of being at home in bed and sleeping properly.

My mother and I walk out the office door and towards our car when we hear this loud BANG directly behind us. We turn around and see a silver sedan flipping around twice and stopping when it smashes into the old stone wall in front of the doctor's building. I take a few steps towards the accident when I see the older man in the car isn't moving and blood was coming from he mouth. I start running and trying to turn my phone back on (I had to turn it off inside for my appointment). The white truck who hit the sedan skidded to a halt about 50 feet down the road and the driver came running over. A woman who was behind the silver sedan was trying to get the older gentleman to respond to no avail. At this point the nurses had run outside and the doctor (my doctor) was trying to get a pulse and pull his smashed up driver's side door open. I heard him say he wasn't breathing. I'm kicking myself for not knowing how to turn my phone back on; luckily the nurses had all called 911. It seemed like forever before the ambulance arrived.

I didn't actually witness the accident. Based on what the driver of the white truck said when he ran over ("did I run the light or did he?") I think they may both have been at fault. The white truck was racing to get through a yellow light (too fast) and the man in the silver sedan was trying to make a right turn on red without noticing that there was no way the white truck would have been able to slow down in time.

We finally left and I was able to get my prescriptions and go home. I checked the news later that night, since channel 5 news was at the scene within ten seconds, but there was no news about it. I haven't read the paper today but I checked out the stories online and there was still no news.

I hope the man in the silver sedan is alright.

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OMG! How terrible!

Hope you are felling better soon

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Regina (Lexi) said...

How awful! I hope you are feeling better. I thought I had the flu all last week, but it turned out to be hand, foot and mouth disease that I picked up from my toddler. I got a severe case and it was terrible. Rest and take care of yourself!