Mar 27, 2008

Hi Ho Hi Ho

It's back to work I go.
I need to get some more leather work done before going into my night job later. I have a new Buddy Bag in the works! It's a deep wedgewood blue leather with a manatee image sewn into the back. There's no pictures right now, but rest assured, when I complete the little guy, you'll see him. Lately I've been caught up in between sandals and making that Monty Tote for my sister.Despite all the busy work I managed to make myself a great new pair of sandals! Maybe if I manage my time wisely, I'll be able to complete the Buddy and start a new tote!! Wait, what am I thinking. I can't manage my time properly....
And since this is my birthday week, I've decided to promote some more of my favorite things on Etsy! In hopes that you will buy them for me.
These beautiful images are from DSBrennan!
These beautiful photographic prints are mesmerizing! The colors and depth of each picture transform the seemingly mundane into exquisite pieces of art!
I love them.
Buy them for me. You do it.

1 comment:

Diana said...

Hey there - just stumbled across your post. Thanks so much for featuring my photos. I hope someone buys them for you ;-)

Happy (belated?) birthday!