Mar 16, 2008

Things to Do

Every Saturday that I work at my 2nd job it's always a beautiful day. The kind of day that makes you want to run screaming from work and go to the beach or to the park or anywhere but inside a building. And I'll convince myself that it's alright, and the day will be just as beautiful tomorrow. But, no, it's a little too cloudy, a little too windy...

Maybe that's for the best, as I DO have leather work to finish. And start. Many things to be accomplished today. I'll still be thinking about the beach, though.


Caroline said...

Oh, how I wish it looked like that here! *sigh* Sometimes it seems like winter will never end.

Tanya said...

How I wish I lived near the beach. A real beach, not some man-made lake at the park, that smells like rotten fish.

Beautiful photo. Here's to hoping a perfect day is near on your day off so you can enjoy the beach. You gotta have fun, too!