Mar 17, 2008

Fun With The Dentist

In about an hour I go to the dentist to get fitted for my crowns. I'm frightened. It seems irrational, (and it probably is) but I'm just scared to death of everything related to dentistry. *Shudder*
SO, in order to keep my mind off of of my fears, I'm trying to list some of my new and amazing basket weave cuffs.I'm really impressed with the way these have turned out. The simple basket weave embossment seems to be the perfect backdrop for the colorful exotic fish skins. I have a few in brown up in my shop right now, but yesterday I picked up the black and made three new ones. Hopefully everyone else likes them as much as I do. And hopefully I can forget about the dentist for a little bit.


Karma by Morgan said...

they look great! good diversion ;)

I dont know anyone who likes the dentist. btw. anyone who doesnt know you their own teeth when investigating yours is under suspicion in my book ;) good luck!

ThePeachTree said...

Hope everything went okay! I'd be scared too if I imagined that first image as my dentist :)