Mar 29, 2008

It's Saturday? My goodness!

Where did the time go? Between working and sleeping I seem to have lost a week. In a bit I'll be going in to the shop to start/work on/finish several pairs of sandals. I was really wanting to start a bag for Allen's sister but it will have to wait. At least I still have Sunday and I'll probably go in Tuesday as well.
And speaking of Tuesday - here's some more things you can buy me for my birthday:
This super-fab shop Kinchimama has a skirt I want. Actually, there were more but some other lucky people bought them already! My eye was caught by this green one a while back:
She also has her main shop Kinchi, which features seriously cool vintage stuff for kids and moms. I have no rugrats, so I'm glad she started her adult shop! Check out this kitten skirt!


Little Pods Clothing said...

I'll buy them for you and you buy them for me okay?

El mundo de Pao said...

Love the skirt!!!