Mar 22, 2008

Bicyle Race in South Beach

Allen's getting ready to go on a trip to Miami for an AlleyCat Race on south beach! If I weren't such a bicycle chicken it would sound like a lot of fun. Maybe we need a rickshaw so I can participate. I can't do the tandem bike thing, because I'll eventually stop peddling and just let the other person do all the work. And we could all use fancy bicycle caps like this one from Bicycleocean!
I really do miss Miami. The city is so beautiful, so raw, and so full of life. Here's a picture from our last trip, which was ages ago. Late night concerts and early morning sunbathing on the beach. We need to get back down to the keys, too.
On April 5th I'll be participating in the West Palm AlleyCat Race. Not riding, but manning one of the checkpoints. If what Naomi says is true, I'll be the happiest girl slapping everyone in the face with red paint. I can't imagine anything more fun to do on a Saturday afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Oh I have a blurb on my blog today about bike riding. Still too much snow on the ground for me to get around on a bike!