Mar 20, 2008

New New New

Oh, today is full of new things.
I've been dabbling with a new design for a messenger-type bag for a little while now, sketching out the way it'll look in my doodle book. After a week of re-working it, I'm hoping today will be the day I can finally begin. That's my doodle book, resting on my decoupaged bookshelf in the bathroom.
Also, we have a new computer! Well, new to us. Hospice threw it out on Wednesday and Allen salvaged it, added some hardware, and made it work. So now we can both surf the internet, within mere inches of each other, at the same time! I think that's ridiculously cool.
And I have a new pair of sandals! My second pair of Marina sandals are up on Etsy!
The Marina sandals are all one of a kind, since the uppers are made from fish skin. They're super comfortable, too. I'm going to have to make myself a pair. (These ones are in my size but they're for sale *sigh*)


Jenny said...

I've been thinking of makeing custom tote bags but we'll see how it goes.

ThePeachTree said...

I'm SOO getting myself a beer holster :) I wonder if they make customs for wine glasses.....

BlenderBach said...

I bet we could! What a great idea! I'll have to ask Allen to work on a pattern.... :)