Mar 11, 2008

More Squids You Need To Know

Everyday when I log into Etsy I have to check Bicycleocean's shop to see what new amazing thing she's come up with. The past few days have been a laugh riot with her new circus freak edition squids!Meet Moe the Dirty Carnie. He likes beer and ladies. And his gold chains add just the right amount of class. Next up is Moesha the Tranny Midget. In my imaginiation she's just a little bit more of a lady than Luella. She doesn't like cheap cigars and prefers fine-dining and three star resorts.Last but not least, we have the amazing Kuthulu, the Cannibal Headhunter! I find this especially funny because I just watched (for the 100th time) the Beetlejuice movie and one of my favorite scenes is the very end where Micheal Keaton switches numbers with the headhunter and gets his head shrunk.

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