Mar 12, 2008

scarves and things

If I were to pick up a new thing to collect it may be scarves.
Which is odd, because I don't wear scarves. Or use them in any way.
Even though it's seemingly unnatural, there's this attraction that stirs inside me whenever I pick up some brightly colored silk creation.
Usually I only come in contact with them because I sell them on eBay. Tossed aside by thrift shops, I rescue these delightful vintage goodies and clean them up. Most of the time they're still in minty condition and vibrant. But it's getting harder and harder to part with the things.
My favorites have got to be the Veras. I come across these quite a bit and they're extremely popular amongst fans of the brand. The colors and designs of Vera Neumann are bold and interesting, no matter the colors or pattern. Each one stands out on it's own as a unique piece of art. They all have the distinct Vera logo and the older ones have her distinctive ladybug beside it. Sometime in the 1980's the company that sold her designs dropped the logo.Ah, well, enough of drooling over these beautiful treasures. It's time to list them!

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